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The following articles have been written by either our coaches or members. Some of our members came to us with their story, and for others...we thought their story needed to be told.  Our aim is to share experiences that may inspire, motivate, and enlighten you. Enjoy.

9 May 2008 Let's Drink to Summer

If you are thirsty, then you may already be on your way to mild dehydration. Even if you are drinking the same amount of water you always drink, it may not be enough during the hot summer months

16 Apr 2008 Patience - Decisive Contentment

When was the last time you found yourself shuffling your feet impatiently in line, craning your neck to see what was holding everything up, felt your blood pressure rising, that coiling tension in your chest…

21 Feb 2008 Close Grip Bench Press

The close grip bench press is a variation on the regular bench press. A close grip bench press is a regular bench press but with your arms positioned close on the bar. It may seem like a small change, but moving your hands to about 18-24 inches apart on the bar totally changes the muscles worked.

30 Jan 2008 Winning: The Formula for Success

Nobody walks up to you and hands you a world title belt for nothing. Winning depends on a multitude of elements working together in order to get a desired result, kind of like a scientific formula or mathematical equation. If you have all the right ingredients and you mix them together in just the right way, winning is what you'll do best...

8 Jan 2008 Setting Your Sites for the New Year

Over the years I've discovered the best way of setting your sites on a target and hitting the bull's eye is to make sure you're aiming at the right target. It's not as easy as it sounds. In the fitness world most people at this time of year decide, that they are going to lose 30lbs...or something to that effect. This is a recipe for failure...

2 Dec 2007 The Sweet Science of Fighting...

Anyone who's ever been involved in any form of combative art whether it's the martial arts, boxing, or kickboxing, will tell you there's a sweet science to achieving the highest levels of performance. To demonstrate how true this is, let's take a closer look at Newton’s laws of motion and see how they apply to the combative arts and the ingredients needed to become a champion both inside and outside the ring...

2 Nov 2007 3 Critical Steps to Running Pain Free

As with all things in life the lessons that seem to sink in the most usually come from either hardship or pain. In other words...we do something stupid, get hurt, and while we're recovering from our injuries we learn all the essential steps we should have know to prevent our injury in the first place. When it comes to learning how to run properly I definitely learnt the hard way...

2 Oct 2007 Add a Staircase to your Training Routine

You haven't trained hard until you run up a flight of stairs repeatedly. Running up a flight of stairs is a great way to get into shape. No special equipment is needed and their are a lot of options. Best of all, the results come quickly...

28 Jan 2006 Yoga & Martial Arts
This is a great article which is well written by a Yoga Instructor who has a martial arts background. It's a great read and certainly something for you to consider adding into your training routine.
19 Jan 2005 Getting back into shape, with kickboxing?
No matter what you choose to do in life, taking the first step is usually the scariest one. After that...hang on and enjoy the ride!
26 Jun 2001 Is this the same guy?
Anything is possible when you truly decide to do something. Find out how Sandy lost the weight of an entire person.

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