All Nutritional Supplements are Not Created Equal...

Make Sure You Get Informed Before You Place Your Health in the Hands of a Company You Don't Know!

For most people determining the overall quality of nutritional supplements is very difficult to do. The usual routine for buying supplements is for people to go to the pharmacy or supplement store, where the selection is overwhelming. The real challenge is that all the bottles look the same, have similar content labels, and reassure the buyer that what's in the bottle is what's in the bottle.

When you're not sure about the quality...it all boils down to price. The truth is there is a big difference between one brand of nutritional supplements and another.

Click on the Image to view details at Amazon.comLuckily, Lyle MacWilliam Bsc, Msc and Nutrisearch, have put together a study of 1500 supplements companies across North America. There comprehensive study took six long years to complete. What's shocking is that only 4 companies received a 5 out of 5 star rating for quality.

The company that Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing trusts for its athletes and members is USANA Health Sciences, which is one of the four companies rated 5 out of 5.

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The World's Best Vitamins & Minerals - USANA - Ottawa Optimize Your Micro-Nutrition - USANA - Ottawa Low Glycemic Options to Healthy Eating - USANA - Ottawa All Natural Chemical free Skin Care Products - USANA - Ottawa

The following video shows you just some of the pro and amateur athletes who use USANA:




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