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With all the supplements out there on the market it's tough to make a good decision. At Nomad the general concensus among the instructors is that supplementation is critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The first step is to get informed a make a decision that's right for you. More on supplementation...

Now that you know our opinion...

What's your personal opinion on supplementing your diet with vitamins?

Very Important - I take my vitamins every day
Important - I take my vitamins regularly
Sort of - I take them when I think of it
Not Important - I get all the vitamins I need from food
Bad for You - taking vitamins will lead to poor health


Thank you for participating in our question of the month.

Date Archive of Polls Votes
05-Sep-08 Supplements: Good or Bad 23 votes
04-Jul-08 Who do you think won the boxing match? 26 votes
09-May-08 Adding classes to our schedule 49 votes
16-Apr-08 New Nomad Membership Options 53 votes
21-Feb-08 Combative Arts - Which is the safest? 51 votes
30-Jan-08 Toughest Country in the World 30 votes
08-Jan-08 Which Fighter Would You Choose 78 votes
01-Dec-07 Battle at the North Pole 32 votes
02-Nov-07 Best Cardio Training 78 votes
02-Oct-07 MMA at Nomad 70 votes
13-Sep-07 Boxing vs. Kickboxing 44 votes
25-Mar-07 Qualities of a Great Fighter 292 votes
06-Dec-06 The Greatest Rocky Movie 186 votes
14-Oct-06 The Ultimate UFC Champion 184 votes
17-Aug-06 The Most Exciting Fight Game 127 votes
19-Jun-06 Head or Gut? 147 votes
28-Feb-06 Qualities in a Coach 157 votes
18-Jan-06 Greatest Movie Martial Artist 140 votes
17-Nov-05 Fighting Skills 181 votes
19-Oct-05 The Greatest Heavyweight Boxing Champ 151 votes
21-Sep-05 Training For A Fight 193 votes

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